Of course you should! We believe that everyone who loves God should be in an active relationship in which they are being taught and formed by the Word of God as well as living in community with the people of God. If the church is special to Jesus, it is odd for us to say that we love Him but not have His opinion of His church! While the church is often not what she should be, we must remember that the church is made up of imperfect people like ourselves. That doesn't free us from our obligation to be together as the church--rather, it helps us see how much we need His Word and His people! Most churches call this active relationship "church membership."


Membership is about declaring and caring. It means declaring a formal relationship between a local church and a Christian. The church promises to care for and oversee the Christian's discipleship and the Christian promises to submit to the care and discipleship of the church. Declaring a relationship allows the church to best care for its members.

Membership implies activity and commitment. This means that you're on "the team." As we seek to make a difference in the world, your membership at Cedar Creek means that we can count on you as we plan ministry.

Membership implies accountability. What specifically can we "count" on you for? There are four things: 1) That you will live in community with us by regularly giving of your time and your resources to our church and ministry vision as you live daily for the Lord 2) That you will live in community with us by regularly attending a small group 3) That you will seek to grow in your trust and understanding of God by making use of our Equipping Classes 4) That you will allow yourself to be deployed for Christ's service in and outside our local church.

How do i become a member at cedar creek?

On any Sunday, you are free to walk to the front or back of the sanctuary to talk with one of our pastors following the morning worship service. That is the predominant way people have begun their process of joining our church. However, some may prefer to meet a staff member outside of the formal Sunday gathering to start their process of membership. The process is outlined below.

  • meet the staff

    If you are interested in joining our team and becoming a member of our church, the first step is to meet one of our pastors. They are readily available following our Sunday morning worship services or by appointment throughout the week. You can usually find them around the front of the sanctuary after the morning worship service or at the Welcome Center. You can also indicate your interest on our Guest Survey or by filling out a Guest Information card found on the table at the back of the Sanctuary. We want to make sure that you have a clear grasp of the gospel and that you have taken the first step of Christian obedience--baptism. 

  • Core Beliefs & Practices Class

    This is a very helpful introductory class that explains who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It is offered four times a year. The class will provide some helpful information on how we are alike and different from other churches. You will meet our staff and have the opportunity to ask any questions that may be on your mind. Contact the church office to reserve a space at our next class. 

  • Membership affirmation

    Once someone has completed these steps (met with a pastor and completed the CB&P class) and affirmed our Church Covenant, our membership committee will present your name to the church at the next business meeting so that your membership can be affirmed and encouraged by the congregation.