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Since the gospel is true, it should affect how we relate to one another and what kind of mark we are attempting to leave on the world for King Jesus. We glorify God by doing the work He has given is to do. We demonstrate the gospel, not just in our doctrinal statements, but also in how we interact with each other and the world. 

We attempt to help individual believers grow through small groups and classes that you see listed below. While being involved in one of these various groups doesn't solve all your problems or necessarily make you more spiritual, not being in one means you will be missing out on opportunities for growth. After all, Jesus' example is not that He simply saves us, but that He also points us toward a new community.

small groups

Our small group structures provide opportunities for quality Bible study, opportunities to connect with others, and a meaningful group of friends to provide care for each other. 

Studies show that people who join a church's small group ministry are 78% more likely to be around after one year--which means that if you don't join a group, there is only a 22% chance that you will be around after one year. Why is this? Simply because God has designed us for community! Recognizing this, our small groups seek to accomplish the goal of building solid relationships around a foundation of significant Bible study. 

Our small groups utilize two different teaching methods: 

Most of our small groups are on a sermon based curriculum. They follow along, a week behind, in the passage preached the week before. This method really aids in retention and encourages discussion of the passages we are reading through as families and preaching through as a faith family. 

Some of our senior adult groups utilize denominational literature with a Sunday School "quarterly" to aid in weekly study. This is a "tried and true" method found in many Baptist churches.

How to find the right small group for you:

Most of our small groups meet on Sundays at 9:30AM, although there are some groups who meet throughout the week. To get connected to the right small group for you, email Pastor Brad or contact our church office!

equipping seminars

Equipping Seminars take place on Wednesday nights at 7:00. They provide an opportunity for you to "drill down deeper" into areas of personal interest and are designed to prepare you for life and ministry. These are offered on an elective basis, so you'll have the opportunity to connect with people of either gender and of all ages who are interested in the same topics you are. The focus of these classes are educational, but they do allow you to meet people you would not normally meet in an age-graded structure. 

Please see below for information on our ongoing seminars. 

These seminars will be running from February 1st to March 29th

  • Essentials of the Christian faith

    This study examines the fundamentals of the Christian faith: What is the Gospel? Who is God? And what is wrong with us? Our time together will give us time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the man at the heart of the Christian faith. Come prepared to engage in essential Christian questions and thoughtful discussion. This study will extend past 8-weeks.

    Teacher(s): CCBC Pastors

    Target Group: All


    To Jesus, greatness and power were not measured by the number of people serving a leader but by the extent that the leader was serving the people under him or her. J. Oswald Sanders echoed this thought, saying "True greatness, true leadership, is achieved not by reducing men to one's service but in giving oneself in selfless service to them." Men--come join this discussion on how leadership requires serving and following Christ's example. This study runs 8-weeks, beginning February 1st.

    Teacher(s): Nate Steele and Josiah Martin

    Target Group: Men

  • Brave

    Feeling worn out and can't seem to get it together? Are you dealing with struggles that leave you feeling constantly defeated? Our Lord is able to restore your brokenness to the full degree. Angela Thomas's Brave study discusses these topics, and it challenges us to SEE GOD and His faithfulness (to us) in all circumstances. This study reminds us that nothing will ever change God's unfailing love for us. Come see how we can choose holy dependence and rest in God's sovereignty as we deal with the difficult questions every woman asks. Begins February 1st and ends March 22nd.

    Accompanying workbook is $10

    Teacher(s): Various Ladies

    Target Group: Ladies